We welcome you to the Kensington Rune Stone website, and hope that you find it informative and interesting. Within my family over the years, there has never been any doubt - my grandfather did not carve the KRS. That part of the controversy was never discussed or questioned by our family. Like many others, we questioned who carved the rune stone, and why, but assumed it was done in 1362. darwinstill2sm

There is no doubt in my mind that the KRS is a genuine medieval artifact.  The evidence accumulated since it was discovered, along with recent breakthroughs, has tipped the scales to that conclusion. For more than a century, those opposed to the rune stone have had no significant evidence to support their claims, and one by one their claims have been refuted. This remains true today as a new wave of distortions and speculations, unfounded in fact, presents itself. The purpose of this website is to present new information that supports the KRS. Some of it is hard and incontrovertible scientific findings. Other information is speculative, but based on evidence and logic. We will present findings and sound theories as they emerge, and we hope you will visit often and share your thoughts and ideas with us!

 In addition to a wealth of background, this new site presents some recent claims about the KRS that have been recently published and to which I feel we must, in good conscience, respond. We do this not because we seek controversy but because even though we feel all opinions have a right to expression, we also have a duty to provide the reader with a balanced view - a view other websites and most books over the years have not provided.

So please spend some time reading the material offered here. Visit the discussion forums and ask questions or share your thoughts. Feel free to email us with any comments or questions, or if you have information you feel should be included on the site. Thank you for joining us!

 Darwin Ohman     

Disclaimer: We strongly support The Runestone Museum in Alexandria, MN, the home of the KRS. However, we are independent and nothing on this site should be construed as speaking on behalf of the Runestone Museum.


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